Feb. 2nd, 2016

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Fall Right In
Chapter 33 – It’s a Mess, It’s a Start, It’s a Flawed Work of Art

When she woke later, Beth was alone beneath the blanket. Not quite cold, but not nearly as warm as she was when she fell asleep, and when a gust of wind rattled the windows she pulled the blanket’s edges tighter to keep out the chill. A little pulse of panic fluttered in her chest, a couple of frantic beats before it faded to just a lingering heaviness in the background. Breathe, Beth. Daryl hadn’t gone far; she could hear his blowing breaths and some quiet scraping sounds coming from close by.

But he had gone.

Stop it. It probably meant nothing. It would be well into morning by now and just because she had fallen back asleep didn’t mean he had.

Be rational, Beth. Of course he hadn’t slept.

She rolled over, blinking her eyes open now to meet the stained drop ceiling panels above her, wincing at the pull of the muscles in her shoulders and back, the pressure in her bladder, and the stickiness between her legs, cooled instantly by the chilly air as they fell open. After a brief pause, the scraping sounds continued and Beth listened to them awhile, trying to talk herself out of this silliness before her brain started into one of those downward loops she couldn’t easily escape. It was fine. They were fine and there was no good reason to assume Daryl thought otherwise. He was still here, for Pete’s sake; if he was trying to run from this he’d be somewhere she wasn’t, not hovering close enough that she’d hear him when she woke.

No, if she could hear him he wanted her to. Wanted her to know he was there without having to wonder about it.
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To be continued in chapter 34>>


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